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Share your Tips and Earn up to 300 Euros!

Start making money with online sports betting, our team of punters will help you succeed!

Share your Tips
Paid out
to tipsters
10 000€


Prove you've mastered the betting, and qualify to win €300 in Prizes!

1st Place /Week

1st Place/Week

2nd Place /Week

2nd Place/Week

3rd Place /Week

3rd Place/Week



If you are a good bettor, here's the chance to show what you know.

The 2nd edition of Tipster League InBet is here. Choose the games, the bets, and qualify to be one of the best bettors in the InBet community. If you are one of the best bettors in the community, you can win up to €300 every month.


How to Participate in the Tipster League


Add your Tips

add your tips

Profit and follow your Tips

profit and follow tips

Stay on the weekly podium

stay on weekly podium

Complete Guide. Just choose a match, Add Bet, and decide how many units you want to bet.

Then just consult the leaderboard, which is updated daily.

Complete guide


What participants say about the Tipster League

Started betting online with InBet, without any experience, and today I can make a profit and have extra money at the end of the month.

João Almeida

I've been away from betting for quite some time, and I returned a few days ago. I was checking out your website, which I wasn't familiar with, and I find it impressive the amount of information you have available. From the statistics of various competitions and their clubs to the AI-Powered Fair Odds Algorithm, everything is perfect. Thank you!

Fabio Santos

I registered at the end of the last month, and the results were very good... I've been in several groups and websites before, and I've never had profits like these. I'm really satisfied with the work done!!

Miguel Gonçalves

Thanks, InBetIO, I reached an important goal thanks to you, from 50€ to 500€!!


InBet doesn't mess around! I came in second place in the Tipster League, and a few days later, I already had my prize of 50€. It's 100% guaranteed. Ever since I started using InBet, I've only been making money, and I don't pay anything. It's impeccable! I highly recommend joining InBet!

César Cabral

In less than 2 months, I increased my bankroll by 13x with you guys... I started with 10€, and without much effort, it has been consistently growing, in addition to what I have learned a lot as well. Once again, thank you.

Lionel Lobato


Tipster League Frequently Asked Questions

What about the members area?

The members area has all our AI-Powered Fair Odds Algorithm Suggestions, Statistics, Community and much more. In addition, active members of the platform are also eligible for contests.

What is the Tipster League?

A competition where members can share their tips and, if they are one of the top ones, get weekly prizes. We also have competitions between the different members of the group.

What are these statistics?

We have detailed statistics, including xG, from more than 350 competitions worldwide

How do I access the platform?

To access the group just follow the steps described.

Is the platform always free?

Yes, the platform is free, as long as you keep your account active in the bookie.